Upcoming Projects

The Fool Waits by the Door

There have been many crime stories written over the years, but few go into the why a criminal syndicate would go after someone. Most pieces make these people seem either completely despicable or unwitting victims – though what if the truth was that they were simple human beings that made a mistake? What if the killer was just another person, seeking to get a job done and head back home to his family?

This story starts with how many mysteries start – a body being found and the police brought in. However, that murder just brings the elements together. Why did the man die? Who is the person running off into the sunset? Is he the killer, or just someone who saw too much?

And what is up with the man slowly tracking him down?

After all, both men have probably seen that seen from Grosse Pointe Blank ­– “If I show up at your door, chances are you did something to bring me there.”

-Expected Summer 2018-


Talon’s Tale

A stellar empire at war with itself – leading to entire colonies being destroyed too quickly to keep track. Talon is thrown into the clink for refusing to fight – has too many family members on the wrong side of the line, see?

Well, nukes don’t care about human rights. His world is destroyed while he is deep underground in a prison bunker. Gets out to find everything he knew gone – all that is left is to get revenge.

The only problem is that the only way off the planet is to serve the very people responsible for the war and all that he has lost. Can he join and play along long enough to get close to the people that took away all that made his life bearable?

-Expected Fall 2018-