Crafting a story from a nebulous idea or bare-bones outline can readily be a time-consuming endeavor that few can accomplish. A ghostwriter will work with you to identify the core themes of your story and to craft copy that will entertain readers and grab the attention of publishing agents.
There is a great deal that goes into developing a story that few consider.

  • Character Development
  • Theme Development
  • Plot and Subplot Development
  • Dialogue Construction
  • Scene Descriptions
  • Genre Standards

Our Services

We specialize in enabling you to take part in the creative endeavor consummate with your experience and time allowance. Our team starts with reviewing any provided copy you have and developing an initial story outline that will be edited to match your specific goals. From there all the small details that go into a successful story are crafted and edited as outlined above.

Only when the preparations have been completed will a first draft be developed. Now, there is no such thing as a first draft that is ready for market. This draft enables us to identify potential issues with the story plot and genre adherence. After editing, a second draft will be crafted to address these issues.

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