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Make your book dreams a reality by turning to the ghostwriting specialists, editors, and literary agents at ACE Writing. Our team will work with you through every stage of the project from developing the story to seeking publishers. Reach out to us to get your literary project off the ground today.

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20,000 Word Short Stories
Have a Final Draft in Just One Month!


Our team of exceptionally talented writers will work with you to transform your story idea into a novel ready for publication. Our ghostwriting specialists handle a wide variety of genres that includes:

  • Science Fiction
  • Alternative Reality
  • Memoirs


We offer a variety of editing services perfect for any stage of your project. All material is first read by senior members of ACE Writing to determine which level of editing will serve you best.

There is an oft-quoted saying in literature, “Kill All Your Darlings.” This means you need to avoid putting things into your story that makes sense to you but not the reader.

Our experienced team will help you identify these sticking points and extract them from your work. Afterwards, you will have a draft that is much more enjoyable for the average reader.

Literary Agents

Our team will work with you on developing the necessary packet needed to reach out to a variety of publishing houses and literary journals/magazines. We will also help you set up your eBook on popular self-publishing sites like Amazon.

About ACE Writing

Founded in 2010 by Adrian Cobon, ACE Writing has helped numerous clients develop entertaining and inspiring stories for clients throughout the English-speaking world. We expanded our practice in 2016 to include highly vetted ghost writers and editors, making it easier than ever for clients to find the perfect person for their literary project.

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Speak with a member of our team today to discuss your project. We will gladly respond to all serious inquiries in the order that they are received.

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