Working from the iPad

One of my fondest wishes as a professional writer is to be able to utilize one device for everything. Back in college I got a taste of this with the first iPad, using it to read textbooks, type papers, and take handwritten notes.

Sadly, in 2012 when my college experience wrapped up, I was forced to accept that there were too many compromises needed to submit papers to clients. No sharing, emailing was a pain, and editing required me to swear up a storm.

Fast forward five years and I got the 2017 iPad, just the regular one. I found that the platform had vastly improved with apps capable of using a wide variety of input methods ranging from the tried and true keyboard to stylus input and voice dictation…

I still used a laptop for everything, though it was nice to have something else I could use in a pinch.

Then last month happened… one laptop fried, another died, and a third is on its last set of legs. I wish I was kidding. If I was a betting man, I would swear that I peeved off a demon. I was forced to think of a more lasting solution until I get around to building a new computer.

That is when I remembered the tablet. For the last several months my husband has been using it for games – so I got him a different one and got a new keyboard. It was relatively issue to get everything switched over. All of my work is saved to OneDrive, so I only needed to install Word in addition to my favorite story writing software, Scrivener.

It also gave me a seamless tool for rebuilding my professional site through the WordPress app… it seems that being forced to use a “mobile” platform really helped me streamline my workflow.

Starting my next story…

It has been one heck of a year. Got married, progressed in my industry as a copywriter and project manager, and learned the hard way about signing up with a poorly reviewed ghostwriting group.

Well, a year lived is a year full of experience. That is what I tell myself anyways…

I am going to be starting my next story this week. Story planning starts today, with the goal of typing my first scene before New Years Eve.